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Fox Garden Puzzle

  • Get lost in this woodland wonder created by the English artist, Helen Musselwhite. The foxes, flora and forest creatures are all made from cut paper, then photographed for our high quality 500 piece jigsaw puzzles. We loved working with Helen to bring her magical natural world to life.

    Enjoy our Fox Garden puzzle and unplug from the world of digital screens. We created the Better Together collection of jigsaw puzzles with contemporary artists to help people connect face to face or find a lovely way to unwind and enjoy your me-time.

    Let’s be Better Together.
  • Made in the USA, using 100% Recycled Board

    Printed with Eco-Friendly Inks

    500 Piece Puzzle, Matte Finish

    Puzzle Measures 18" x 24" Completed

    Comes Packaged in 8" x 10" Box

    Full-Color Reproduction Puzzle Image Inside Box