Bucky - Large Duo Bed Pillow

  • Bucky’s Duo Bed Pillow is a favorite for comfort-enthusiasts. Filled with premium buckwheat hulls on one side and millet hulls on the other, get the best of both worlds with this ingenious design. The internal dual chamber makes it easy to add or remove stuffing from either side to adjust to your desired fullness.  The luxurious blend of millet and buckwheat distributes weight evenly across the pillow for excellent pressure-relieving support, even as you change positions in the night. The Duo Bed Pillow’s moldable nature and customizable fullness helps all types of sleepers achieve a healthier spinal alignment and deeper, fuller breathing.

  • Color: White
    Composition: 100% Unbleached Cotton

    Size: 20" L x 15" W

    100% cotton zippered pillow cover included
    (removable and machine-washable)

    Filling: Buckwheat and millet hulls grown without pesticides or fertilizers

    Hypoallergenic, CPAP-friendly

    Recommended for chronic pain sufferers