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Yesterday I slept almost nineteen hours. Does that sound overindulgent? I suppose to you humans that it may. However, I am a cat.

Did you know cats can sleep up to twenty hours a day? Those few hours we cats spend awake are extremely action-packed, so we need to conserve our energy for them. (I can’t tell you what we do during those few precious hours awake – that would be breaking cat code, to divulge our secrets!)

Like most humans you probably lead an extremely busy life during your waking hours, so your hours of sleep are super important. Humans don’t need as much sleep as cats, but the importance of sleep is the same for all of us.

Unlike cats, who can pretty much get in a catnap anytime, anywhere, humans sometimes have trouble getting enough sleep. Who better to assist when the situation arises than someone who can sleep up to twenty hours a day?

While I don’t know your pains in trying to get proper rest, I sympathize with your plight. (I can’t imagine how challenging it must be to face the activities of your day without proper sleep!)

Since I cannot lay my paw upon your forehead, and through the power of osmosis teach you how to always get a perfect night’s sleep, I created Sleep Like Boots.  At Sleep Like Boots you’ll find many wonderful things to help you achieve a state of “sleep nirvana”.

Browse, buy, sleep… but remember that in the end, in the words of the late Leonardo da Vinci, “A well-spent day brings happy sleep.”

Live well, sleep well.


Boots Paw

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